6 Quick High Protein Breakfast Recipes

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Peanut Butter Toast

If you're short on time and need something that packs a protein wallop, then this is the recipe for you! It contains about 16 grams of protein and comes together in 10 minutes or less!

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Mango Protein Smoothie

This is our go-to recipe for a quick, easy, and protein packed breakfast. It contains about 22 grams of protein and is ready to go in 5 minutes or less!

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Keto Omelet

As you can imagine, this delicious omelet contains a healthy dose of protein that will keep you going all morning. It's ready in 25 minutes or less and contains about 27 grams of protein.

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Chocolate Protein Shake

This breakfast shake combines two of our loves - coffee and chocolate. It contains about 14 grams of protein and takes 5 minutes or less!

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Smoked Salmon Toasts

These smoked salmon toasts are remarkably easy to make and contain fewer carbs than traditional lox and bagels. At 15 grams of protein and 20 minutes or less, they're worthy to be added to your quick high protein breakfast lineup.

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California Omelet

This quick and easy vegetarian omelet is a true breakfast treat. It packs a ton of flavor and contains enough protein to keep you feeling full well into the afternoon. It has a whopping 32 grams of protein and is done in 25 minutes or less!

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